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Chancellor's Associates

To achieve success in the university’s mission, our campus depends on the support of the Chancellor’s Associates – an inner circle of dedicated friends who believe a dynamic university is critical to the future vitality of the San Joaquin Valley.

Chancellor's Associates

Jim and Sabra Abbate
Barbara Jamison
Trevor '09 and Katherine Albertson
Johanson Transportation Service
Keith and Jill Alley
Eric and Pam Johnson
Lee and Ann Andersen
Art Kamangar
Norman and Kathy Andrade
Sherman and June Kishi
Jesse Arreguin
Nirmala and R. Ravindra Kumar
Nirmal and Jaswinder Aujla
Patricia and Chuck LaCroix
Baker, Manock & Jensen, A Professional Corporation
Sally Landels
Roger Bales and Martha Conklin
Pope and Jane Lawrence
Pete and Vicki Bandoni
David and Christine Long
Mr. Donald A. Barclay and Miss Tess Barclay
Patrick Lunney
Joseph A. and Marie J. Barkett
Christopher and Stefani Madril
Don Bergman and Nancy Young-Bergman
Paul Maglio and Teenie Matlock
Robert Bernstein, MD, and Jane Binger Bernstein, EdD
Richard and Susan Mahacek
Dr. Shivarama and Meenakshi Bhat
Steven Margaretic
Karen L. Bizzini, Esq.
Mariposa County Arts Council, Inc.
Hans and Inger Bjornsson
Michael and Marian Mason
Blue Planet Run Foundation
Barry and Jeanne McAuley
Dr. Lee Boese, Sr. and Sandee Boese
Marge McAuley
Pam Brantley Anderson
Dan and Jan Mendenhall
Nancy Brawley
Dr. Karen Merritt and Dr. Russell Merritt
Ronald and Constance Brons
Mary and Richard Miller
Jesse Brown and Kathleen Childress
R. Bruce Miller
Kevin Browne
Galen and Melba Miyamoto
Robert and Suzanne Carpenter
Dr. Marie D. Moran of Merced Pediatric Dentistry
Jana Stewart-Cezar and Pericles Cezar
Edith Nahas and Tony Laverdure
Lon and Jolene Chandler
Tim and Marilyn O'Neill
Mario and Marnee Chua
Rudy and Brenda Ortiz
Hugh* and Connie Codding
Al and Lynda Osborn
Lynn Collins
Maria Pallavicini
Eric and Sue Conley
Richard E. Piper
Bert and Nancy Crane
Armando Quintero
Kathleen M. Crookham
Tim and Billie Razzari
Jim and Carlene Cunningham
David and Dianne Rich
Rayburn and Joan Dezember
Curtis and Gaye Riggs
Paul Dunmire
Kenneth and Jean Robbins
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Haley
Grey Roberts and Bette Woolstehulme
Tim and Lisa Dylina
Mary Rojas
Economic Development Corporation of Mariposa
Carl and Linda Roland
Claude and Terri Ellison
Atul and Amita Roy
Richard and Alice Escola
Frederick and Mitzie Ruiz
Jan Falasco
Rose Eager Sabo and Joe Sabo
Farmers and Merchants Bank of Central California
Larry Salinas
Hugh and Norma Flanagan
Mike and Jeanne Salvadori
Ahmad Foroutan and Sima Asadi
Mark and Marcee Samberg
Geoff and Josie Fox
Marilynn Shannon
Fresno Regional Foundation
Chiara and Jake Sill
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Fromson
Ajinder Singh and Maria Fernandez-Renedo
Bob and Bette Gaestel
Scott and Maria Smith
Michael and Lori Gallo
James and Andrea Sofranek
John and Colleen Garamendi
Sherrie Spendlove
Patricia Gebs
Don Stewart and Kelly Pirtle
Donald and Effie Godbold
Donald and Betty Stewart
Doris Gonella and Lawrence Blazina
Robert Stewart
Loren Gonella and Andra Greenwald
Ivan and Bonnie Stinson
Thomas Grave and Kara Middlebrooks
Gerald and Geraldine Tahajian
Kirpal and Tripat Grewal
Ralph Temple and Carole Whitehill
Kenneth and Patricia Grossman
Sam and Kathie Tenenbaum
Robert T. Haden, Professional Corporation
Krishna and Sumana Thondapu
Drs. Kenji Hakuta and Nancy Goodban
Sam and Dena Traina
Dennis and Novie Heppner
Stephanie Vasilovich
Marvin Heppner
Joel and Elizabeth Wallace
Dr. Alan and Georgina Hoffman
Witold and Norma Willer
Nancy Holmes
Sheila Wishek
David Hosley and gayle yamada
Chi Chi and Roger Wood
Greg and Catherine Hostetler
Jeff and Delores Wright
Mike and Betty Hoyt
Sheryl Litchtig Wyan and Roger J. Wyan
The Hunt Family
Janet E. Young
Diana Hylton
David and Holly Zacharias
Daniel Ikemiyashiro
Paul and Kathleen Zizza

Chancellor's Associates Scholars

Chancellor's Associates Scholars are distinguished individuals who are respected authorities in their chosen professions and have been invited to participate in the development and growth of UC Merced.

Heidi and Gary Kuhn
Stan Robinson and Lisa Nowell
David Liittschwager and Susie Rashkis
Dr. Christopher Viney and Dr. Lisa Gilliland

Chancellor's Pioneers

Pioneers provides an outlet for UC Merced alumni to stay connected to the university. This dedicated group of alumni has a strong affinity to the university and appreciates the outstanding benefits that come with being part of this esteemed group of leaders.

Joshua Bolin '07
Yang Li '09
Sam Fong '09
Mike Oliveira '09
Arthur H Huynh '10
Yaasha Sabbaghian '09