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Champions are individuals and organizations who have made cumulative philanthropic contributions between $100,000 and $499,999.

Beverlee Antoine
La Grange Gold Dredging Company
AT&T Foundation
Christine McFadden and Gerald Corman
Joseph A. and Marie J. Barkett
Merced Mall
Shawn and Sarah Betts
Clarence* and Enid Olive
Breault Research Organization
Paramount Agricultural Companies
Dan David Foundation
Vital and Alice Pellissier Family
Southern California Edison
Raymond R. Panfili and Julia M. Panfili
Educational Employees Credit Union
Stewart and Lynda Resnick
John, Joseph S. & Fred T. Franzia
Robert J. Glushko and Pamela Samuelson
Bob and Marie Gallo
Speck Family Trust
Doris Gonella and Lawrence Blazina
The Yosemite Conservancy
Hewlett-Packard Company
Ronald and Jacqueline Walker
Sarah R. Kurtz
Westly Foundation