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Honor Roll of Donors

UC Merced proudly recognizes the following individuals and organizations who have chosen to support the university. Thank you for enabling UC Merced to advance our important work of education, research and public service.

Mark and Renee Garrett
Coke and James Hallowell
Garton Tractor
Hanimireddy Lakireddy Family Foundation
Gateway E.N.T. and Hearing Services
Daniel and Ida Hanson
Salit Gazit
Stephen and Carol Hart
Patricia Gebs
Daryl and Janet Hatano
GEI Consultants
Hellman Fellows Fund
Otto Geissler, D.D.S., Inc
William and Eileen Hennrikus
Robert and Beverly Gilbert
Marvin Heppner
Dennis Gillen
Dr. Laurie and Jay Herbrand
Gillen & Associates
John Hernandez
Chester Gillette
Barbara Higgins
Greg and Kathleen Glenn
Karen Hollada
Donald and Effie Godbold
Dan and Danna Holmes
Eric and Marsha Golangco
Fred and Judy Honore
Doris Gonella and Lawrence Blazina
David H. Hosley and gayle k. yamada
Ninhal and Chrystal Goonewardene
Mike and Betty Hoyt
Ashley Graham
Lawrence Hsu
James and Laurie Grand Pre
Philip Huang and Kathryn Bernhardt
Ronald and Darlene Grant
David Hudgins
Granville Homes
Wil Hunter
Thomas Grave and Kara Middlebrooks
Daniel Ikemiyashiro
M.R.C. Greenwood
Image Masters
David and Vicki Gresham
Berent and Marilynne Isenberg
Grey B. Roberts & Company
Martin and Patricia Ivers
Kenneth and Patricia Grossman
J West Group
Michael and Sherri Grover
Mary Jacobsen
Irvin Grymes
Barbara Jamison
Nick and Jane Guerra
Michael A. Jennings
Melbourne Gwin and Judith Hartman
Richard and Althea* Johanson
Diane Hall Lum
Odessa Johnson