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Chancellor's Associates

To achieve success in the university’s mission, our campus depends on the support of the Chancellor’s Associates — an inner circle of dedicated friends who believe a dynamic university is critical to the future vitality of the San Joaquin Valley.

Jim and Sabra Abbate*
Kathleen M. Crookham*
Anthony and Donna Allegretti*
Jim and Carlene Cunningham*
Keith and Jill Alley*
Jack and Nancy Deavours
Lee and Ann Andersen*
Rayburn and Joan Dezember*
Jesse Arreguin*
Gene Dunmire
Bob and Mary Avalle*
Tim and Lisa Dylina*
Roger Bales and Martha Conklin*
Claude and Terri Ellison
Pete and Vicki Bandoni*
Richard and Alice Escola*
Don Barclay
Jan Falasco*
Todd and Carrie Bender*
Peter Ficklin
John and Dora Bennett*
Hugh and Norma Flanagan*
Robert Bernstein, M.D., and Jane Binger Bernstein, Ed.D.*
Ahmad Foroutan and Sima Asadi*
Dr. Shivarama and Meenakshi Bhat*
Geoff and Josie Fox*
Dorothy and Bill Bizzini*
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Fromson*
Karen L. Bizzini, Esq.*
Ruth Fromson and Dennis Hanks ('07)
Hans and Inger Bjornsson*
Bob and Bette Gaestel*
Dr. and Mrs. Lee R. Boese, Jr.
Christian Gallery and Lucy Snyder*
Dr. Lee and Sandee Boese, Sr.*
Bob and Marie Gallo*
Pam Brantley Anderson*
Michael and Lori Gallo*
Nancy Brawley*
John and Colleen Garamendi*
Ronald and Constance Brons*
Urla Garland
Jesse Brown and Kathleen Childress*
Theodore and Frances Geballe*
Kevin Browne*
Skip and Michelle George
Ralph and Bunny Busby
Donald and Effie Godbold*
Robert and Suzanne Carpenter*
Doris Gonella and Lawrence Blazina*
Mario and Marnee Chua*
Loren Gonella and Andra Greenwald*
Hugh and Connie Codding*
Thomas Grave and Kara Middlebrooks*
Lynn Collins*
Kirpal and Tripat Grewal*
Eric and Sue Conley*
Randy and Patricia Grossman
Bert and Nancy Crane*
Drs. Kenji Hakuta and Nancy Goodban